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Benefits of Dance

Dancing increases flexibility, strength, balance, grace, endurance and coordination. Students practice moving as a group and following directions while dancing to a wide variety of music. Children who dance have increased self- esteem, coordination, balance and poise.

Fun, great exercise, builds self-confidence, learn new skills and meet new friends.










Ballet classes consist of various exercises including barre, center positions, combinations and choreography. Ballet builds strength, poise, proper body alignment, turnout and flexibility. Students work on developing dance technique and learning dance terminology while dancing in a fun environment.











Dancers must be at least 11 years old and have 4 years of Ballet training. Students must also be enrolled in Ballet class.










Each Broadway style tap class emphasizes rhythm, coordination, style, clarity of sounds and speed. Students learn tap terminology and apply rhythm and timing to combinations.  Steps are taught traveling across the floor with turning exercises along with center work.









Jazz/ Hip-Hop

Each fun and challenging 60-minute class consists of barre and center warm-ups, traveling exercises, across the floor turns, leaps, kicks, jumps, splits and upbeat combinations. This increases the heart rate which can improve endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health. Hip-Hop classes include family friendly music and appropriate dance moves, technique and combinations that are taught to develop rhythm, coordination and self-expression.












Acrobatics/ Tumbling

This class will focus on combining dance technique with acrobatic elements and tumbling skills. Students will learn exercises and training technique involving building core, upper body strength and flexibility. Students will work on acrobatic skills such as splits, backbends, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers and other related movements.








Adult Workout Classes

These classes are geared towards the adult who wants to get or stay in shape, increase stamina, strength and flexibility. Classes consist of warm-ups, technique and combinations.












Pre-school Ages 2-4

Our 60-minute class is a great mix of structure and fun! Students focus on learning basic technique, taking directions, develop hand-eye coordination, rhythm, performance, memorization and socialization. We introduce the movements and names of positions and steps through song, dance and fun props. Students are also introduced to tumbling (somersaults, rolls, jumps, bridges, etc.)








Special Movements (Abilities)

We’re opening a dance class called Special Movements for children of all abilities included but not limited to Deaf, Down Syndrome, Adhd, Autistic, Hearing, Speech and Physical Impairments, Wheelchair bound (seated dance), and other developmental disabilities. 

Special Movements Class teaches a mixture of Ballet and Jazz. 

If your child requires an aid, you must provide one. 


Class days and times are to be determined!

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